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Due to the age of Enlightenment where wizards, scholars, bards were able to expand their thoughts, ideas and philosophies, people found themselves set free from authorities. This radical liberation enabled arcane magic and science to flourish. Therefore the province which is called Westmark has been able to advance to the brink of the industrial age. Workshops, factories and are taking over the land. Quite literally. The need to progress and be truly rational is what keeps strife, war and death away.

However, this unstoppable force of progression actually leads to the contrary. The advances in technology which go hand in hand with this modern rationale, actually enable strife. Furthermore it dis-enchants the mythology of what the world is. It demystifies and the people become philistines. The soul is sucked out of the world, and therefore men become slaves of their own rationality. There are parts of the world that cannot be understood through reasoning. There are things which are better to be felt through the gods, nature or divine magic.

Enlightenment becomes Myth, but Myth is already Enlightenment.

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