Session 0.5
Story so far

Thymen, the elf ranger, woke up from his encampment. He slept badly and the morning dew which usually is fresh, now feels dull and cold to the skin. Shrugging of his muscle ache he strolled through his woods until he heard some racket coming from the borders of her woods. There he watched some Goblins and a somewhat large, crude wooden machine plowing through the woods. They were taking down trees, but why they did so was unclear. From the clearing he fired some shots to stop them from progressing. Despite his effort to remain unseen, the Goblins noticed him and charged! Luckily, from the other side of the forest a small figure emerged. A female halfling riding a deer, called upon the power of nature and with a gesture vines shot out from the ground and trees and trapped the goblins. Then Thymen could finish the job.

The Halfling introduced herself as Zomer. Her deer is called Augustus.
“you feel it too, don’t you?” Was the first thing she asked. “The Forest is dying. We need to find the heart of the forest. Hop on!”.

With a touch she warped the wooden machine into a useless piece of junk, stepped upon Augustus and walked away.

After a days walk, deeper into the forest, they continued to find evidence of sickness. Rotten moss, dead fish, stale water.

At dusk they could not go any further, because they hit a wall. A wall made of trees, so close to each other it seemed impenetrable. The followed it for a while towards the west and found a hollow tree, fallen, and functioning as a tunnel through the wooden wall.

Zomer led Augustus through the tunnel and Thymen followed shortly. Behind the wall a wide open glade appeared. Half covered by the canopy of leaves, where small breaks of the last sunlight shines through, that reflect on the dust and leaves. Fireflies, caterpillars and insects crawl through this small valley. It feels old, like the whole forest from the past is watching you.

In the centre of it all, a colossal tree vaguely shaped as an old man. A large patch of moss resembling a beard, and darker coloured patches where eyes could be. The outside is crawling with spiders and centipedes. It is clearly corrupted. The wind whispers: “help me”….



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