Halfling Druid. Together with her deer Augustus.


A female halfling druid.

Short blonde hair, a bit messy. Wearing a simple amber and green coloured tunic, with some tight pants/boots. She does wear a heavy fur scarf. A set of curved daggers hangs on her belt.

Augustus has some cloth strapped around his legs, besides that he doesn’t have any barding.

Level 6 Druid.


She is very quiet, and if she speaks it’s with few words shrouded in mystery.

She is kind to every creature, but tends to be fierce if provoked. Then she has a weird preference for fire spells.

One of the abandoned children. The nomadic halflings had a rule that if the second child was a girl, she had to be abandoned, It would slow the group down. Her mother left her in the woods where she got picked up by a Dryad and she raised her as her own.


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